zondag 20 december 2015

ladies and gentlemen (...) this is the part of the performance we call the Interval

Friday evening JJ and I went to the opening of an exposition from
Elise Lepage and Karen Vantvelt.
If you have time during these busy days, it's definitely worth going
to take a look!

1° The Interval (Elise Lepage & Karen Vantvelt)
2° interno, esterno, giorno, notte (Elise Lepage)
3° "Mijn persoonlijke nacht" HEH & HEHET (Elise Lepage)
4° Last -pak (Karen Vantvelt)

1° The pre-marked shape II (Elise Lepage)
2° Bed -ding (Karen Vantvelt)
3° Lastpak - Beddelijk (Karen Vantvelt)

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