zaterdag 20 januari 2018

tal r.

We went to the exposition from Tal R. in Boijmans van Beuningen
and we really enjoyed it! What an inspiring and beautiful work!
Today is the last day of the expo If you missed it, you still can look 
at this movie.


Last weekend we went to Zeebrugge. Jonas tried out his little sailboat, 
which was a handmade Christmas gift. (pictures above)
The Farther Bruin was put back into the water. The restoration process 
has almost reached its end! (pictures below)

donderdag 11 januari 2018

Matteo on Elises sofa, a page from this book.
And one more picture from Lempert Jochens' work at SMAK

.the photographic I - other pictures

Yesterday we visited the expo ". The Photographic I - Other Pictures"
at SMAK. A group exhibition that gauges the present significance of