vrijdag 11 mei 2018


Also from today; some more Salomonszegel and Jonas and oma with
their fabulous hats.


From today; Salomonszegel, one of my favourite plants. 
And Jonas and my dad on our walk. 

donderdag 10 mei 2018

zondag 29 april 2018


Last Wednesday Jonas went for the first time to the theater.
In the afternoon we made apple sauce.

vrijdag 27 april 2018

yellow and pink...

... in Maria's bathroom.

jane and jubilee

Jonas chose to borrow this beautiful book from the library. I love it as 
much as he does. "Me... Jane" is about the young Jan Goodall, het plush 
chimpanzee Jubilee, and her childhood journey to make her dream of 
helping animals come true.

maandag 12 maart 2018

zondag 4 maart 2018

from white to green

This weekend we saw winter turn into spring. The snow melted and the sun
warmed the ground. JJ and his father brought the horses to the meadow.
I worked in the garden, tried to make everything ready for a new season.

woensdag 28 februari 2018

cold and sunny days

I spend last two days at my dad's new place. It was freezing cold 
outside, but sunny and hot inside. Yesterday Katrien joined us, which 
was so nice.
She is expecting a baby in tree months. I can't wait to meet that little 

zaterdag 24 februari 2018

two more months

Thursday we went to an information meeting in Jonas' school.
He will start half April. So exciting, but I feel like he's ready for it.
I really love the setting of the school, which makes me think of a
little French town. On the first picture you can see the church which
stands in front of the school. Jan-Jakob's uncle used to be the pastor.

maandag 5 februari 2018

Last weekend we helped my dad move. The place where he was living
was connected with his job and now that he's retired he has to leave it.
Luckily he found a house nearby the natural park where he used to 
work, which he loves.
I'm still at home with Matteo. I love to watch him every single minute. He's 
growing so fast. I already had to put his first clothes into boxes which I 
will give to my pregnant friends. 
Sometimes I wish he could stay small forever... 
Those sweet tiny clothes, lying around in the house, I will miss them as