woensdag 30 april 2014

visitors 2

We are having a little celebration with some friends tonight.
I picked flowers in the garden and cut a few roses. JJ and I've
made a quiche with red onions, thyme and goat cheese.
Now everything is ready. They are late, but that's OK.
It is a beautiful evening.

dinsdag 29 april 2014

goats and bread

When I arrive home, the first thing I'll do is check on Pipa. I was
happy today to see that the two goats had finally accepted the
presence of Jade, Pipa and Kate. 
Looking through the window I saw that oma baked kramiek bread
again. She'd already put some on the stairs for me and JJ. 

stop motion

I'm making a stop motion movie with my students. Everyone had
to sit in front of a blue wall, while the others put on the plaster.
When the masks where dry, they made a drawing with permanent
This are a few of the hundreds of pictures I've made.

maandag 28 april 2014

william morris

The roses in front of our house are growing so fast.
They have a beautiful name, William Morris.
I also love their color and smell.
They remind me of the invitation I once received for
an exhibition.

zaterdag 26 april 2014


I had a strange visitor on the kitchen window this morning.
Later on, oma came upstairs for a cup of tea.

vrijdag 25 april 2014

oma's bread

Oma baked her special kramiek bread this afternoon. I love the 
smile on her face when she does everyday things. 
Chapeau begs for a piece of bread.

woensdag 23 april 2014

jade, pipa and kate

Three newcomers: Jade, Pipa an Kate. They seemed to be very
happy in their new green pasture.
Only the two goats had some problems with the mama and her
little ones. Hope they soon become friends!