maandag 30 juni 2014

monday - shearing jade, pipa and kate

Yesterday, on the sheep shearing festival, JJ had a good look and he
asked some questions. So today it was time to practice and shear our
own sheep. Robert helped to hold them. It wasn't as easy as it looked
like the day before.
Only there backsides where shorn. This was most urgent, to keep the
flies away. It looks a little silly; tree sheep with a shorn butt. But it's
for the best and when we have time we'll do the rest.

evening in june

On our evening walk yesterday, there was a special kind of magic in
the air. Fog hung over the land, the sun went down and gave everything
a red glow. It was so good to be there.

zondag 29 juni 2014

sheap shearing festival

My holiday started and JJ and I drove to Limburg with friends. We went 
to visit my dad for the weekend. He lives in a nature park and today 
there was a sheep shearing festival going on. We had a walk in the rain. 
Later this day the sun came out. 
More pictures on Katriens blog

donderdag 26 juni 2014

woodpeckers (for sarah)

I've send a birthday card to my niece, Sarah, two days ago. I hope she
receives it today. She's a big woodpecker-lover!
Although I don't collect them, I have some woodpecker items.
They all have a story. The cardboard box, in my sideboard, I decorated
with pictures of woodpeckers a few years ago.
The wooden woodpecker I already have since I was a child. It pecks
from the top of the tree, all the way down. It's still fun to play with.
One the third picture you can see a present I got from my mom,
a woodpecker who provides me and my guests with toothpicks.
Here you can see all different kind of woodpeckers and listen to their

woensdag 25 juni 2014

last days

These are the last days of school, before holiday begins. Today we had
a musical "Alice in Wonderland", the parents came to school, the
students got their results... it was busy!
I made some pictures when everybody was gone. From Saturday on,
school will be like this for the next two months.
Tomorrow is my last day with the students. We will make a trip to the
park. I hope the weather will be nice.

I wish all my students a nice holiday and above all good luck next year!

oma waters the plants

From time to time oma takes a walk, to water the plants, on the
courtyard. It takes a lot of time to cross the place. Then she pumps
the water up with an old fashion water pump.
She tells me she has to exercise every day, to stay fit. I believe that's
truth, but I also worry that she might fall.

zondag 22 juni 2014

zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

We made a little ride on the motorcycle. It drove 5 minutes and then 
the engine stopped. I guess JJ needs to spent a few more hours to fix it. 
I made a self-portrait in the rearview mirror.

zaterdag 21 juni 2014


This morning, on my way to the shop, I saw it was A fair in town. When I
went to take a closer look, I saw there was also an annual competition
for draft horses. The horses were decorated the traditional way, with
the belgian tricolor braided in there hair.
There was as good as no audience. I had a talk with one of the breeders
and she told me the business is dying. It's sad, the horses are beautiful
and strong. But machines are stronger and faster.
Under you see one more picture from today and three pictures that I
found in oma's album.