woensdag 28 januari 2015

dark day

It's dark outside. It's raining, it's hailing, it's thundering and lightning.
No weather to take walks.
Even Flynn decided to return to the car, after a few steps trough
this weather.
So we stay in. I've made a delicious meal, thanks to smartmat!

zondag 25 januari 2015


Yesterday was sunny. I cleaned up the house and cooked a meal
for mom, dad and my aunt. It was a nice evening, we had some
things to celebrate.
All the animals are in the stables. It's to cold and wet to let them
in the pasture. Jade has the company of a male sheep now. Nothing
happend yet (we know because the ram has a color block on his
chest and there's still no color on Jade's back). I think Jade is too
fat. She's twice the size of the ram. We should put her on a diet.

donderdag 22 januari 2015

my birthday

Pictures from one of my birthday parties when I was a child. 
I remember those birthdays as great days. I used to count down 
untill that day. 
My cousins and my school friends came over. We played games.
The first picture is a game where you have to pass across a present
while music plays. The person who has the present in his hands when
the music stops, may open it.
On the second picture you see "zakdoekje leggen" ("Duck, duck, goose").
In the third picture we are playing Charades.
In the last picture; lotto-images game.

zondag 18 januari 2015

stripes, sheep and flynn

K and T came over for the weekend. Besides of the walks we made, 
we stayed inside and relaxed. I'm so tired last days, just like to lay
in the sofa; reading a a book and drinking tea all day long.

woensdag 14 januari 2015


Today I had lunch with my cousin in Copper, one of Antwerp's coffee
There are plenty of coffee bars in the city, but I belief this must be the
most beautiful one. The owner is a charming woman who makes
delicious lunches, teas and coffees.

maandag 12 januari 2015


Days are passing by.
It rained and the wind blew. Sometimes the sun broke trough again. 
Three trees fell because of the storm.

woensdag 7 januari 2015

when the sun goes down

1. Two lovely presents I got for Christmas. (cutting board and a little 
brush from Mexico)
2. My plants longing for the sun (just like I am).
3. Funny vegetables for soya saus. Japanese children get them in their 
lunch boxes for school. (I miss Japan)
4. A self-portrait before my walk with Flynn.
5/6. I know, sunsets are kitschy. Still, I love pink skies. As you've probably
already noticed (here and here)
Those two pictures I made Monday evening, on my walk with Flynn.

maandag 5 januari 2015

koinobori こいのぼり

First schoolday of 2015. In the afternoon we made little koinobori fish.
In Japan they make them 5th of May, on Children's Day.
This one looks more like a pineapple-head :)

vrijdag 2 januari 2015


I spent my day with my niece, Sarah, which is always nice.
The horses are in the stable because of the cold weather.
To give them some exercise we took them out for a walk.

Image by Nishi Shuku 西熟

for maman (la plus belle du monde)

Mama, for me you are the most beautiful woman on earth.
Not only because you gave life to me. 
You are strong. 
You know how to listen. 
You always have good advice, without ever being nosy.
You never complain, although sometimes life must have
been hard for you.
You gave/give me a rich live, without spoiling me. 
You look at things in a positive way.

Please, stay your beautiful self forever.

Happy birthday!

donderdag 1 januari 2015

happy new year

Love, share, imagine, feel, swim, dream, invite, create, laugh, forgive,
play, listen,... and dance!
Happy new year!