dinsdag 30 september 2014

rinus van de velde

Three months ago I posted "a house on a rock in a lake".

Two weeks ago a saw the same house in Berlin, at Rinus Van de Velde's
exhibition in Zink gallery. For those of you who don't get the chance to go
to Berlin before 8 november; more pictures here.

zondag 28 september 2014


Birds are on their way to the south. I harvest the last vegetables from 
the garden. 
I enjoy the september flea markets, the fresh fruits and walnuts from 
our garden and my walks with Flynn.

woensdag 24 september 2014

meeting at the courtyard (1-2-3)

During cooking I looked out my window and I saw oma saying hello
to her grandchild, Laura and her great-grandchild, Oliver.
At the same time, I heard Flynn running downstairs to say
hello to Elya. They're already best friends.

maandag 22 september 2014

vrijdag 19 september 2014

september swim

It was so hot today, I only wanted to do one thing: swim. So after
work I drove with JJ and Flynn to a lake. There we met
Sammy, Simon, Miek and Emiel.
The water temperature was perfect. In two days summer is over.
It was a good summer and I'm sure more good times are on their way.

donderdag 18 september 2014

four pretty girls

Coming back home from Berlin, there were four pretty girls waiting 
for us; Jade, Pipa, Kate and Flynn.
It seems like Flynn already feels at home at our place. We take her
out for a walk at least twice a day. She loves running behind
the sheep.
She also loves playing with Elya, Laura's dog. 

woensdag 17 september 2014

norbert schwontkowski

Yesterday I saw the work of the artist Norbert Schwontkowski
(Expo in CFA Berlin) for the first time. I was fan from moment
I laid eyes on his paintings.
I like the atmosphere in the images. Also the colors and the way
Norbert Schwontkowski paints are very inspiring.

dinsdag 16 september 2014

kreuzberg 36

Yesterday we've had a beautiful late summer day in Berlin. In the 
morning we went to the Arena Badeschiff. After swimming, we 
walked trough the district Kreuzberg 36. 
Under you see some pictures from the ecological city garden 

zondag 14 september 2014

neue heimat

1. Self-portrait in the Neue Nationalgalerie
2. Instructions in our hotel
3. View from the Warschauer Straße
4. Kiosk with flowers
5. Neue heimat in the RAW-Tempel

zaterdag 13 september 2014

going to berlin

We're on holiday in Berlin. It wasn't easy to leave Flynn, but the
holiday was planed long before we knew we would have a dog.
My niece, Joanna, will stay at our place to take care of her during
our absence.
Berlin is great, as always!

woensdag 10 september 2014

i've heard about you

After work I went to the exhibition of Veronik and Sophie and I liked
it a lot.
More photo's and info you can find on mieke willems' blog; here and