vrijdag 20 november 2015

for simon

For my cousin Simon, with who I spent many weekends and holidays
as a child.
On the first picture you see us on the doorstep of our grandparents 
house. I always think I remember this moment, but I wonder if that's 
possible because I'm wearing diapers. 
What I do remember is a stormy night in the Michelvanhammestraat, 
laying each in a big bed and hearing scary noises.  
And of course we have a special bond since we watched a Bruce Lee
movie and I wanted to teach you judo and you got me in the hospital ;). 
No worries, it wasn't your fault, I was a bad teacher.

I wish we could see each other more often these days. Being both busy
it's difficult to . But you know that "out of sight, out of mind"
doesn't hold true!
Happy birthday Simon!

(pictures by Marcel Van Waerebeke)

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