zondag 6 september 2015

for flynn

For Flynn, Flynnie Minnie (Mouse), Little Princess, (klein) Patat(je), 
Black Beauty, Pop(je), or -if she's been bad- Black Monster, 
Kleinen Duvel.
It's been a year since we drove to Flynn's former family to pick her up 
and make her a member of our family.
I haven't had any regrets, not even for one moment... 
Not after she destroyed my "present from Berlin pantoffels"
(sorry Katy), not after the numerous times she rolled herself in a "fresh" 
cow turd, not after she threw up on our white carpet or (this is the worst) 
not even after she killed one of our neighbors chickens...
Although I was very, very angry after these events, she's so sweet and 
adorable that I just have to forgive and love her anyway!

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