dinsdag 9 juni 2015

maps of the world

Sunday we went to an exhibition, The World in a Mirror, at the MAS
What struck me the most is how different people view 
and display the world, depending on where they live, their religion,...
The last map, by artist Mona Hatoum, shows us the Peter's projection. 
This protection correctly represents the size of the countries.

probably Iran, 1193 
2. Nansenbushu Bonkoku Shoka No Zu (Map of the world), Rokashi 
Hotan, Japan, 1710
3. Portolan chart from European coasts, Bartolomenu Lasso, ca. 1588
4. Projection (velvet). Mona Hatoum, 2013 

New lands (by nikola Madzirov)

One should scrape the wall
over which dampness has drawn
a map of the new world
and new separations should be applied.

Beneath them, the stones should be
rearranged haphazardly, like
the footprints of a man running from his fears.

One should be
a round mirror in an half-open palm
and reflect others' embraces
as sharp as scissor blades which touch each other
only when there's something to be cut.

New lands should be invented,
so one can walk on water once again.

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