woensdag 15 oktober 2014

oma, mali, misao and fukumaru

Since Laura brought her cats to the farm, oma has a new best friend. 
Mali is one of Laura's cats who's always at oma's place. Oma feeds her 
milk and meat. They love each other's company.
Every evening, before oma goes to bed, we hear her opening the front 
door to call loudy "poeoeoeoeoesjeeeee, poeoeoeoeoeoesjeeeeeee..."
Oma and the cat always remind me think of a beautiful photo book I saw
in Japan and I was very happy to find the book here in Belgium! 

The pictures below were taken by Misao's granddaughter. Misao is a 
Japanese woman who found a kitten in the shed . She decided to take 
care of it and now they are inseparable.
I can't stop looking at those wonderful pictures. They move me.
More pics here.

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