donderdag 21 augustus 2014

peta's place

On our first night on holiday we were invited to sleep over at Peta's
place. She's a good friend of JJ's parents and a very friendly woman,
full of positive energy. She has a beautiful home, in a small French
town, south of Paris. 
I've made some pictures in her house (above). The window changed
her live, she told us. A story about how she met her neighbors trough
the window, that looks out onto the neighbors' garden.
And the fourth picture is one of her bedspray, which her mother sewed 
from old clothes.
Under you see some pictures from her neighbor 's place. An lady of 91 
years old. She lives in the "chateau" during the summers. We had a
swim in her newly built swimming pool.
Last picture I took for M. She loves Mickey, as you can she on her
beautiful blog. It's a Mickey-keychain that Peta gave to her neighbor.

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